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For companies

For companies

SubseaXpert can supply to you worldwide, around the clock and at short term the up-to-date details of skilled diving personnel and/or ROV personnel.

For a vacant position within your team or for a complete team our database contains actualized information of qualifications and availability of:

  • Diving superintendents
  • Bell diving supervisors
  • Air diving supervisors
  • Bell (saturation) divers
  • Air (surface) divers
  • Life support supervisors (LSS)
  • Life support technicians (LST)
  • Assistant life support technicians (ALST)
  • Dive technicians
  • Field engineers
  • Data recorders (3.4U)
  • ROV superintendents
  • ROV supervisors
  • ROV pilot/technicians.

As a member, you will receive full access to the complete SubseaXpert personnel database.
The database can be accessed worldwide and 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. Via simple overviews and an easy accessible search function you can quickly find, within the extended divers and ROV personnel network, the appropriate personnel for your project.
You can contact the personnel directly, without a mediator or expensive agency.

If required, we can also help you to assemble a complete diving and/or ROV team with all necessary qualifications for a successful project and we can offer project management of that team.

Too Busy?
Are you too busy or do you want to outsource the personnel selection process?
SubseaXpert can also do the recruitment for a certain position within your diving/ROV project team. This searching will be done within the market (via database and extended network). When available SubseaXpert will propose at least 2 options for each position.

Project Management
SubseaXpert can also offer you a professional and experienced project team to manage your subsea personnel / projects.

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