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Do you require personnel for your project and would you like to get acces to a larger up-to-date personnel network?
Become a member NOW or ask SubseaXpert to assist you in your search for the right personnel.

Membership options:

1. Full access to the database

Membership for 1 month:
€ 599,-
Membership for 3 months:
€ 1399,-
(22% discount)
Membership for 1 year:
€ 3595,-
(50% discount)

2. Intermediation
SubseaXpert will find qualified and available personnel, contacts them and makes a personnel proposal to you.

Filling 1 vacancy:
€ 1499,-
Filling 2 vacancies:
€ 2699,-
(10% discount)
Filling 5 vacancies:
€ 5995,-
(20% discount)

Project management required for your project?
Project management is done on day rate.
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